First and foremost you want to select a company that is based in the Northern Virginia Area when replacing your roof. When we have hail and high wind storms in our area contractors come here from out of state. These contractors are considered to be storm chasers that take advantage of and maximize insurance claims. You have probably had them knock on your door shortly following a big storm. These companies come to your local area with multiple salespeople trained to upsell you and get the most from your insurance company and once they have exhausted their efforts they pack up and leave. So, with this said after they leave and something goes wrong with your roof who fixes it? As well some of these storm chasers will tell you they will pay your deductible for doing business with them, so you know that is insurance fraud and you as well as the contractor could have charges filed against you if caught. This is why it is highly recommended that you select a roofing contractor that is based in your local region that stands behind their work and offers good warranties. It is also suggested that you interview and accept pricing from at least three contractors local to your area.
When selecting your contractor be sure to check their credentials, are they licensed to work in your area? This means a contractor’s license as well as a business license. Do they have sufficient insurance coverage in the event something goes wrong? Are they certified installers of the product they are selling you? If not, they may not be able to provide a manufactures warranty and if they aren’t certified it may void any manufactures warranty against defects. Does the contractor offer a warranty covering the work they are going to perform on your home that is honored for a minimum of two years? The cheapest price doesn’t always mean that you are selecting the right contractor if they can’t provide warranties and aren’t certified installers of the products they are selling you chances are they are not the right roofing contractor for you!
Do your research prior to calling on roofing contractors to familiarize yourself with the various products available to use during your roof replacement. The quality of materials used on your home is key to a quality low maintenance roof system. Here at Residential Roofers we only use Certainteed products, call us to schedule an appointment and we will explain why we believe in Certainteed shingles so much that they are the only manufacturer we recommend.