How do I know when to file a roof related insurance claim? This is a question homeowners often do not know the answer to. Whether or not you should file a claim with your insurance company, depends on the type and degree of the damage to your roof. Whether or not the damage to your roof is extensive or not the first thing you should do is call a qualified and reputable roofing contractor for an evaluation of your roof.  Once you have an idea of the potential cost to fix your roof, you can determine if it makes sense to get your insurance company involved. If the cost of repairs that your roofing contractor has determined outweighs the cost of your deductible you should call your insurance company to have them send out an adjuster right away. Whether you pay for the repairs yourself or do it through insurance it is important that you have it done properly!   Do not attempt to get on your roof yourself as this can be dangerous and do not try to repair the roof yourself to save money as you will risk your roof warranty and the longevity of the roof itself.

There are many types of damages caused by weather that your insurance probably covers. The most common is hail and wind damage. It is smart to have a roof inspection plan with a contractor because sometimes the damage may not be visible to you at first, and by the time you see evidence of it further, damage may have occurred to your roof, attic, and home. At Residential Roofers, we offer an inspection plan where we will visit your home several times a year to make sure your roof is in good shape. Professional roofing contractors like us will be able to determine what type of damage there is on your roof and the extent of the repairs that are required or if a  full roof replacement is needed.

Depending on the type of roofing system on your home there are different levels of damage that occur. For example, metal roofs may have hail damage, but often, this is only cosmetic damage that does not affect the performance of the roof and there may be no need to make repairs or file an insurance claim. When it comes to asphalt shingles, there are several different levels of shingles. Your higher performance shingles such as an architectural shingle can withstand some hail along with higher winds, whereas lower cost shingles such as 3-Tab shingles are more susceptible to hail damage and wind damage and have to be replaced more frequently.

For these reasons it is important to have your roof checked out by your preferred roofing contractor if you think you have damages after severe weather conditions and are unsure if you should file an insurance claim. Residential Roofers is here to help! If you own a home in the Northern Virginia area don’t hesitate to pick up the phone and give us a call at 1.703.659.9460. We will be happy to evaluate your roof and work with your insurance company to get your roof up to par.

Roof Storm Damage