Our processes and un-matched service makes a roof replacement by Residential Roofers an expedient and pleasurable experience. Our experts are qualified in the repair and replacement of asphalt shingle roofs,  standing seam panel roofs, cedar shake and slate roofs.


While our specialty is asphalt shingle replacement and repair we also repair and replace cedar shake roofs, slate roofs, and standing seam roofs. All of our roof replacements and roof repairs are performed per the installation specifications set forth by the manufactures and to meet or exceed the standards set forth by the National Roofing Contractors Association. The manufactures warranties against product failure are only as good as your installer, meaning if the shingles aren’t installed properly the manufacturer can void any warranty coverage. At Residential Roofers, LLC we guarantee your roof to be installed properly.


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About Your Roof System

  • The roof deck or substrate: Most of today’s homes contain plywood or OSB sheathing as the substrate which is mechanically fastened to the rafters with nails or screws. We recommend the use of plywood with a minimum thickness of ½” as the best substrate for your roof system. We recommend you stay away from OSB and stick with plywood for your roof sheathing. We feel is best to replace your sheathing in full sheets and not partials.

  • Ice and water shield: Ice and water shield is a self-adhered and self-healing membrane designed to be placed along the eave/gutter edges of a roof system to prevent ice damming from causing leaks into your house. It doesn’t happen often in our area but ice damming does occur and without the proper installation of ice and water shield your roof can leak in these situations. At Residential Roofer we install ice and water shield at all roof penetrations as well and we recommend you have whoever you select do the same.

  • Underlayment: The remaining portion of your roof not covered in ice and water shield should be covered with a mechanically fastened underlayment. While in the past the go to underlayment was asphalt based felt paper today the manufactures provide and recommend the use of synthetic underlayment as part of a complete and warranted roof system. At Residential Roofer we use Roof Runner manufactured by Certainteed which is required to receive their 4 Star labor and material warranty.

  • Flashings: All through roof plumbing vent pipes should be replaced during your roof replacement as these are generally the first flashing to fail in a roof system. With that said at Residential Roofers only uses lifetime flashing boots that will last as long as your shingles. We suggest you ask our competition to do the
    same. During a roof replacement, all step flashings should be replaced at the same time. Sometimes this involves the removal and replacement of siding components to replace the step flashing a process that most contractors skip as it adds cost the project. At Residential Roofers we do not cut corners to save money we save you money by providing a price based on fair profit margins. All counter flashings at chimneys and headwalls should be replaced during your
    roof replacement as well, at Residential Roofer we use .032 aluminum for all counter flashings unless copper is specified and we suggest you ask our competition to do the same.

  • Shingles: Finally the most important part of your roof system the shingles. In our area storms often produce winds in excess of 60 MPH and did you know that standard 3-tab shingles are not rated for such wind speeds. With this said we suggest architectural shingles for your home and to be more specific we recommend the Landmark series by CertainTeed. The basic Landmark architectural shingles by Certainteed are rated for up to 110 MPH winds. We recommend you stay away from the standard 3-tab shingles and upgrade to an architectural shingle.
  • Ventilation: Proper ventilation is essential to the longevity of any roof system. Stagnant air not only provides the best environment for mold to grow to also causes the lifespan of your roof to decrease expeditiously. Proper ventilation consists of bringing fresh air into your attic preferably at the eave and through the soffits and exhausting hot air out through the ridge. There are other options to create proper ventilation, ask your Residential Roofers sales agent to explain if your home requires special ventilation due to existing conditions at your home. At Residential Roofers we insure you have proper ventilation through your soffits and we install Certainteed Ridge Vent to allow hot air to escape your attic.

The Process

Once your request a quote from Residential Roofers we will schedule an appointment to review your property within 24 hours. On average you will receive your quote within 48 hours of placing your request. Don’t worry we do not want to pressure you into signing a contract, in fact, we recommend you get three quotes for your roof replacement project, we like competition and we want you to see the value of selecting Residential Roofers for your project.

We do like for a sales agent to sit down with you and explain the quote and the options you have been provided to be sure you fully understand what you are getting from Residential Roofers vs. our competition as well as how your property will be affected during the roof replacement process.

If and when you select Residential Roofers, we then start by assisting with the color selection process by providing you with what you need to make a decision from physical samples to 3D renderings of what your home will look like with the various colors options available.

After you have selected colors we then schedule your roof for replacement which on average is within 3 weeks from signing a contract.


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Quality Materials

CertainTeed shingles contain more asphalt than their competition making them heavier and more durable to the elements in return provides a lasting roof system. These shingles are tested by the underwriter’s laboratory verifying that their fiberglass shingles meet the quality standards of ASTM D3462 which rates the tear strength, nail pull resistance, and wind uplift. CertainTeed architectural shingles, the Landmark series has been consecutively rated as “BEST BUY” as well are consistently rated #1 in building industry surveys. If that is not enough for you to agree then there is the WARRANTY coverage, Certainteed stands behind their products and offers only the best warranty coverage available by any shingle manufacturer in our opinion. Ask your Residential Roofers sales agent about the warranty coverage offered by CertainTeed and by Residential Roofers this will help you to make the right choice.

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Roof Maintenance

Your roof is what keeps your home dry and protects your loved ones and precious belongings. A maintenance plan will ensure it continues to do so and spare you expensive repairs in the future.


Gutter Replacement

 Collecting and routing rainwater to designated locations on your home help prevent erosion and flooding in your basement. Consider replacing your gutters during a roof install or replacement.


Siding Replacement

Much like your roof, siding protects your home and the content within from outdoor weather elements as well as the structural integrity of your home as water and moisture cause wood to deteriorate.


Roof Repair

The integrity of your roof can be jeopardized by weather, wear and tear, and improper installation practices from less qualified roofing companies. We can assess your roof to suggest repairs and maintenance that increases the longevity of your roofing system.


Damage Assesment

Don’t risk injury by getting on your roof to look for storm damage, let the experts at Residential Roofers do it for you. Call us today for the cost to perform a thorough inspection of your roof and provide a detailed photo report with recommendations.



At Residential Roofers, LLC we guarantee our work and warranty every installation. Why? Because we use nothing but the best quality materials and the most qualified installers giving us the peace of mind that we have done our best for you!! Call us today to see for yourself, we guarantee you won’t be disappointed.


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