What is Roof ventilation? Roof Ventilation is when a system of intake and exhaust for air flow is applied to your attic in order to protect your roof and save you money as a homeowner. Without proper ventilation, you are risking damage to your roof, your possessions, your health, and your wallet!

During the winter months, poor ventilation can cause many problems that result in condensation creating waviness to the roof decking and shingles. One of these Roof Ventilationscenarios is known as Ice Damming which happens when the heat from your home that is trapped in the attic melts the snow and ice on your roof. As the water from the melted snow runs down to the cooler part of your roof it can refreeze. This water often gets pushed under roof shingles which expands as it refreezes lifting the shingles up causing damage and leaks. Moisture and leaks compromise the integrity of the roof decking and its ability to carry loads such as large amounts of snow or even a roofing crew.

During the summer months, poor ventilation can cause your attic can overheat. The combination of heat and moisture during the warmer months can also damage your roof and shingles. Warm, moist environments are ideal for mold to grow which can be hazardous to you and your family’s health. An overheating attic can cause heat to migrate into the home interior causing unstable temperature control within the home. This leads to higher electric bills and reduces the lifespan of your expensive central air conditioning system. Not having the proper ventilation system installed can actually void your roof warranty. These sorts of problems can be avoided by using proper ventilation systems installed by professionals like Residential Roofers.

These are just a few problems that can occur from poor attic ventilation that directly affect your roof. To find out more and to identify if your attic is properly ventilated, call residential Roofers today for a roof ventilation evaluation. 1.703.659.9460